Attention: For all who not only want to understand F-Balance, but also want to get started in practice.
The F-Balance basic course for the practice...
Theory Online Course
Just imagine: I come to your home - and I show you the F-Balance concept step by step so that you can achieve top results in practice.
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What you will get in this Online Course...
  • 13+ lessons: The original presentation is divided into 13 videos and can therefore be viewed individually (enclosed are the respective working materials).
  • Quiz: You can also put your gained knowledge of the F-Balance concept to test at any time.
  • Discussions: Under each lesson you can discuss questions with others.
  • Certificate of Participation: At the end of the online course you will automatically receive a confirmation of participation.
  • Regular Updates: The content remains current and the course is constantly being developed. If anything changes, you will be the first to have access to it.
  • Mobile First: Whether you want to study on the road with your phone or at home with your laptop. You can attend the course from anywhere.
What you can learn from this Online Course...
  • How to balance the hoof 100%.
  • Why you cannot achieve measurable results with the traditional method.
  • How to focus on prevention rather than problem solving.
  • Why the most important physiological function of the hoof is the key.
  • How to recognize imbalances and how you should work to counteract them.
  • Why you should put aside your personal knowledge and wishes.
  • ... and this is only a small sample of what you can learn in the online course!
A short Insight into the individual Lectures...
Lesson 1: What is F-Balance?
About the Course Instructor
Daniel Anz is an internationally recognized expert and is best known for the revolutionary F-Balance concept - which has changed the way hoof trimmers work in over 23 countries.

He is also the author of his bestseller "F-Balance - The Return to the Essence of Equine Podiatry" and the Spanish textbook "El Nuevo Herrador". His unique concept and expertise has made him one of the most important podologists and experts in this field.
Number of countries with F-Balance Farriers
Number of F-Balance hoof trimmers
+24 K
Number of horses improved by F-Balance
Frequently asked questions
Do I take out a subscription with the online course?
No! There is no subscription or hidden costs behind this online course.
Do I still have access after I have completed the online course?
Yes, you can log in to your online course area 24/7. After you have completed the course, you can use it as a reference at any time and put your knowledge to test.
Is the theory online course a requirement for the practice courses?
In order to make full use of the practical courses, you will learn the principles of F-Balance in advance at your own pace and can ask specific questions afterwards in the practical course. You will also receive a certificate of participation, which is provided with a number that you must later indicate or show when you register for a practice course. All those who are already F-B PROFESSIONAL and want to upgrade or update their skills will receive the course FREE OF CHARGE!
Is the payment really safe and secure?
Yes, we work together with the German and multiple tested payment provider Digistore24. The order form is secured by SSL encryption and your data will be managed according to the corresponding data protection conditions.
What our customers say...
The new approach: We do what the horse needs and the results speak for themselves.
Laura M.
Hoof Groomer
The biggest difficulty was rethinking, but with enough practice my quality of work improved significantly.
Luis D.
After only 2 weeks, almost all complaints of my horse have disappeared. Unfortunately there is no one near me who works after that.
Sarah L.
Horse Owner
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